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GRP Roofs

Leaking Flat roofs are a common problem for homeowners – a fibreglass GRP roof provides a perfect solution for anybody experiencing regular leaks and problems with their flat roof. A GRP fibreglass roof requires minimum maintenance and is a long lasting, cost effective solution that will last far longer than a traditional felt flat roof.

When considering your options for a new flat roof it is important to take into consideration the cost of installation and maintenance. Fibreglass GRP roofs can be quickly installed and have a long life expectancy making them an extremely cost effective solution.

GRP fibreglass roof systems leave a nice finish and the flexibility of the material means they can practically fit any roof shape or size. Another advantage of GRP Fibreglass roofs is that it can be produced in many colour schemes so it’s easy to blend in with any existing architecture.

Installation of a GRP Fibreglass roof depends on the size and complexities of the proposed project. For example, a simple garage roof may only take a day to install whilst other projects will take longer. Once in contact with us, we will be happy to come and asses your roof in order to provide a quote detailing the costing and duration of the project. We can also carry out maintenance or repairs to an existing GRP fibreglass roof quickly and cost effectively.

Our GRP fibreglass roofs have a 25 year guarantee and are expected to be functional and watertight for many years more.

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